Gyratory Screeners

Gyratory screening technology is used where high volume screening or separation of dry materials is required. Typically the material is passed via a conveyor mechanism across a bed of one or more screens or meshes to grade material into fine, coarse or oversized component parts.

Environmental applications frequently use large-scale gyratory screeners to process materials before they move onto manual grading while aggregate processors will use a gyratory screening mechanism to quickly grade materials for different uses.

Using a gyratory process rather than a traditional vibratory method allows larger volumes of material to be processed at speed, with lower risk of screen blinding. Farleygreene has also patented a unique drive system that optimises machine balance, ensuring more even distribution of material across the screens while also reducing wear and tear on the machines, thereby protecting components, increasing reliability and extending maintenance cycles.

Farleygreene gyratory screeners can be delivered in sizes up to 6 metres in length and can be provided as a full installation package, together with feeders, conveyors, integration connections, installation packages, operator training and service contracts.

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