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New Sieve Design Improves First Pass Efficiency

28th Februar, 2019

Specially designed weir plate puts manufacturer in control of regulating free-flowing product.

A well-established pharmaceutical manufacturer to Central and Eastern Europe, required a vibratory sieving machine to process a powdered ingredient. Their current dispensing method meant screening would slow down the procedure and valuable product might be lost. Needing a solution, they contacted Farleygreene for advice.

Farleygreene have been providing the highest quality sieving equipment to the pharmaceutical, food, and chemicals industries for the past 42 years. Their versatile Sievmaster range is capable of handling both bulk and small batches of material. As such, they are the preferred supplier to both small and large companies worldwide.

The machine recommended for this manufacturer was the latest model by Farleygreene, the Sievmaster E-400. The machine’s flexible design meant it could easily be adapted by the user for check screening, grade sieving, or low volume sack tipping. On this occasion, the sieve was designed with a single mesh deck and a side outlet to eject the oversize product.

Adjustable Weir Plate
The customer needed to ‘flood feed’ material into the sieve without losing valuable product in the process. The force of flowing product would inevitably cause material to accelerate through the top outlet and exit without being screened. The solution was an adjustable weir plate created by Farleygreene and designed to control the aperture of the outlet.

Regulating the Flow of Product
Depending on where the plate was set, the customer was able to regulate how quickly and how much of the product was ejected from the machine. They also had the ability to completely shut off the outlet, further maximising the amount of ‘good’ product collected.

The customer was satisfied that Farleygreene had provided them with a solution to their requirement. The original set-up provided them with the particle size they needed, and the further design modification enabled them to save time and avoid product wastage. Important requirements of any approved manufacturing machinery.

To enquire about this product or others in the Sievmaster range contact Farleygreene here or call +44 (0)1256 474 547.