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The Sievgen Brand Steps up Its Game

28th Februar, 2019

The first highly automated, all-in-one sieve for the Additive Manufacturing industry has undergone a drastic makeover both inside and out.

With their constant dedication to research and development, the design engineers behind the Sievgen 04 have worked tirelessly over the past year to make additional improvements to the previously known Sievgen 400-US. The Sievgen 04 has been further modified to meet user’s requirements and is presented as the machine to process any powder in a dust free system. Usability has been improved to reduce the time and effort required to clean the complete system between batches and even material changes. The Sievgen 04’s user interface has also been updated to provide a more operator friendly menu structure. The unit is now fully enclosed to provide a more aesthetically pleasing and compact unit.

Inspired by Farleygreene’s Managing Director’s love of the colours used at the F1 Yas Marina Circuit, the updated blue and green colourway represent both a nod towards some of the finest examples of engineering and a colour scheme which represents the recycling ability of this machine. Coined as the “Tri-hex”, the symbol that accompanies the new logo represents both the honeycomb structure commonly used in 3D printing and the three main aspects of the machine functions: powder transfer to the top of the machine followed by the separation into oversize waste and fine usable powder via the sieve below.

“The decision was made this year to separate the brand from the core Sievmaster product line” explains Managing Director Antony Hare. “We want to give a clear indication to our additive manufacture partners that the new Sievgen line is focused entirely on that sector, Sievgen represents the company’s desire to bring high technology and process to the world of sieving and screening. Whilst R&D continues at pace on the Sievmaster range generally, the company hopes that the development of Sievgen technologies will filter down into all their sieving equipment. We have a fantastic team that are dedicated to make this happen and now Sievgen is able to stand out more clearly as a beacon of technology and usability.”

Having grown from an established company come the added benefits of being supported by the knowledge and structure that have grown Farleygreene into one of the mainstays of the sieving industry; essentially keeping the Sievgen brand flexible and grounded at the same time. To enhance the adaptability of the brand, as it moves further into the rapidly growing AM market, the 04 model initiates a range of Sievgen products created for different sectors within the AM industry.

Sievgen 04 has been created for customers who want maximum efficiency in their production process and is the ultimate solution to process metal powders in a safe, sealed and automated environment. The Sievgen 04 demonstrates Sievgen team’s expert knowledge in ultrasonic sieving technologies and a passion for innovative design. The team assemble, and test everything in the UK providing machinery for some of the world’s largest companies.