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Custom-Built Powder Processing Station for AM Machine Integration

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21st January, 2022

A major multinational corporation specialising in additive manufacturing for aerospace, medical and automotive required a bespoke metal powder recycling station.

My name is Adrià Pobo. I work as a Sales Manager at Caperva, where we represent international firms, manufacturers of capital goods, in Spain and Portugal. All of them are leading companies in their area of application, which has allowed us to learn from the best, and keep evolving day by day becoming experts in the process.

Caperva started to work with Farleygreene back in the summer of 2016. I remember it perfectly because I had just joined the company a couple of weeks before and, since the beginning, my aim was to develop Farleygreene’s business and promote its brand within our territories.

Later that year, Daniel Morlan joined the company and we made the perfect fit because we already knew each other from a previous work experience.

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Caperva was one of the first distributors that Farleygreene had, and the best proof that this partnership is working great is that, nowadays, we feel proud witnessing the extensive distributor network created all around the globe.

Every year we experience a significant growth in sales and this lets us increase our penetration in some customers, not only in the Food industry, but also in the Pharma and Chemical markets.

  • Easy clean design, no crevices
  • FDA compliant material
  • ATEX approved on all sizes as standard an example of a description that falls onto 2 lines.
  • No tool quick change screens
  • Noise level less than 70 dBA in use
  • Low maintenance/running costs
  • All stainless-steel body and contact parts

Since 2016, we have delivered more than 120 state of the art sieve and screening machines to the Spanish and Portuguese markets, achieving a huge level of satisfaction of their needs.

Although the last couple of years have not been easy due to Covid and Brexit, we are still standing and would love to keep growing together for years to come.

  1. Easy clean design, no crevices
  2. FDA compliant material
  3. ATEX approved on all sizes as standard an example of a description that falls onto 2 lines.
  4. No tool quick change screens
  5. Noise level less than 70 dBA in use
  6. Low maintenance/running costs
  7. All stainless-steel body and contact parts
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Working alongside Farleygreene, the customer received both the system and the support to guarantee their own customer’s precise requirements, an extremely important consideration throughout the lifespan of this project. Farleygreene continue to work with this customer to supply and further develop this system as customer feedback requires.

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