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Farleygreene’s Dedication to Research & Development

26th April, 2017


With 41 years of design and manufacturing experience, Farleygreene provide state of the art sieving equipment to a wide variety of customers and industry sectors, as a result of this they are constantly developing their technology to meet the demands across the sectors they service. Their dedicated R&D engineers strive to innovate and bring simple cost effective solutions across the vast machine portfolio that caters for almost every type of sieving application.

This dedication to R&D has been illustrated with a recent design change on the already successful Sievmaster Easilift product, the ‘Sievmaster Easilift’ dispensing station can be used as a simple means of check sieving into containers, convey systems and even directly into mixers, it therefore makes an ideal arrangement to sieve dry powders in small or large volumes to ensure product reliability. Similar units on the market required an operator to lift off the hood manually to gain full access to the sieve unit, the Easilift has a flip top hood which is powered so it is a single operator task and there is no lifting required to open the unit, the hood is also designed to take a sack across its length making it easier to split and tip the sack into the sieve below. Units can be configured to suit the customer installation and is compatible with the Slimline 550 & 950 sieve units depending upon throughput requirements.

With such a strong product you might ask why there is a need to change it, the simple answer is that Farleygreene have total dedication to their customers’ needs by offering solutions to their problems. Standard machines are constantly being re-designed, modified and standardised – the Easilift is a perfect example of this. The project example for an SM950 Easilift below shows how Farleygreene responds to their customers’ needs, it speaks volumes and highlights that offering bespoke solutions is their passion.

Bespoke to customer needs:

• WIP system added to dusthood and sieve to protect operators when opening machine for cleaning.
• Solution for compacting empty sacks so operators are not exposed to dust on completion of the
dispensing process – the transfer must be directly from the hood to a compactor next to the unit.
• Ultrasonic deblinding to mesh assembly.
• Continuous removal of oversize particles.

New machine standards:

• Upper frame new design to make it even easier for operators to remove the top gallery and mesh for quick and easy cleaning and maintenance.
• Baseplate modified to allow for oversize outlet option if requested.

New options now available:

• Ultrasonic systems can now be easily incorporated.
• Integrated bag compaction system.
• Oversize removal and collection.
• WIP/CIP integration.
• Combined dust extraction to hood assembly – electric and pneumatic versions

Farleygreene support their machines with a 24 month warranty, 12 months longer then the industry standard. They also offer a full spare parts support, and re-meshing services for all types of rings and frames no matter who the original supplier or manufacturer.