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Educating National Bakery School on the Benefits of Sifting

12th May, 2017

Farleygreene and The National Bakery School at London South Bank University announce a new collaboration following donation of Farleygreene’s Artisan SM200-S Sieving machine. The two parties based in Hampshire and London will work together to support and assist future developments and build a better understanding about how sifting ingredients can improve the quality of the end product.

“From the moment we were donated the sieve from Farleygreene I could visualise the benefits for the students at the Bakery School,” explains Baking Technology Lecturer Devon Petrie. “The time saving element is impeccable within the industry and any machine that can assist, reduce costs and minimise waste is immediately beneficial. We have seen an increase in students using the sieve within the confectionary and bread modules, as students are able to sieve large production quantities of flour or icing sugar without the physical exertion or the health and safety element of breathing flour dust. This is definitely an essential piece of machinery in any bakery production company.”

“Farleygreene is proud to share its knowledge with young baker apprentices” states Matthieu Philippault Business Development Manager at Farleygreene. “After having the chance myself to complete a degree at LSBU a few years ago I understand the importance of making contacts within the industry early on, I felt the need to get our company involved in order to give some of this experience back.”

Regular visits to the Bakery School mean that Farleygreene can incorporate any feedback they receive from students who regularly use the product into research and development of future machines. “This collaboration with Farleygreene epitomises the influence of technology and support for our future bakers” adds Devon.

The Sievmaster 200-S Artisan vibratory sieving machine is designed to sit directly on top of a container, small bucket or large wheeled tote bin. Ingredients can be tipped into the top and check sieved straight through into the container below. A special bench mount kit is available for filling tubs up to 300mm high.

All Farleygreene machines are designed to suit their customers exact requirements and are available for a free demo at our factory in Hampshire. Please contact us for more information.