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Farleygreene’s New Range of Rotary Sieves

04th October, 2022

Farleygreene Limited, manufacturers of industrial sieving machines, have launched their new rotary sieving range aimed to solve issues such as cleanability, ease of installation, and inspection.

Farleygreene’s new range known as the Sievmaster Rota range, now uses a cantilever drive shaft which replaces their previous non-cantilevered design and tackles accessibility and throughput issues experienced by operators using this style of sieving machinery.

The Rota Range is available in three different sizes, the smallest is the 90-C which has a single mesh basket, the midsized 180-C which also has a single mesh basket, and the 360-C which is a dual basket Rota and the largest of the range. As the machines increase in size from 90-C to the 360-C, the throughput is also increased.

How does the Rota Sieve work?

The Rota uses a spinning auger with rotating paddles inside a mesh basket. As product feeds into an inlet, the auger pushes product towards the mesh basket. As product is projected outward, the finer, correctly sized particles pass through the mesh basket and out through the ‘fines’ outlet, and oversized particles pass out of the machine’s weir plate into the ‘oversize’ outlet.

These rotary sieves are used for high volume bulk sieving for both wet and dry applications and can be integrated with big bags, bulk containers or used for discharging into production lines.

New Features

Main body design

The main body is made as a single section of 304 Stainless Steel, reducing the chances of leaks and sealing issues whilst also making the installation of the machine easier and removing internal voids.

Accessibility & inspection

The change from a non-cantilever design to a cantilever drive shaft enabled Farleygreene to make the internal parts of the sieve more accessible. The drive shaft no longer extends through the access door, it can now be opened freely with easy access to internal parts when disassembling the machine for cleaning.

The machine features a side door designed for inspecting the mesh basket without disassembly of the machine. Whilst the machine is not running, the mesh basket can be rotated 360 degrees in situ through the side door for full inspection.
The gaskets on the side and end doors are identical so they are interchangeable, great for cleaning and quick replacement – less downtime, better sealing, and fewer spares required in stock.

Weir plate adjustment

The new range features simplified weir plate adjustment if the operator feels that too much fine product is being rejected through the oversize outlet. As part of the Easy-clean design, Farleygreene have added a hook for the weir plate on the inside of the end door, limiting the risk of it being placed in an unhygienic environment. The machine’s door will not close or operate until the weir plate is back in place.

Outlet connections

The fines and oversize outlet connections have been upgraded to standard round flange and Jacob connections, with the inlet connection remaining the same so previous models can be easily replaced if requested, and the oversize outlet has been made wider for ease of cleaning and manufacture.


The Sievmaster Rota range is now available with Farleygreene’s open section support frame design for improved hygiene. Other options available include a specially made collection bin and round flange inlet connection, nylon, woven mesh, metal woven mesh, perforated, and wedge wire basket types. The new design is suitable for vacuum and pressure applications, with upgrades available free of charge – small safety modifications are required and can be done once the machine has been purchased or as a retrofittable upgrade with spare parts. The standard Rota machine is also available with the option of upgrading to ATEX 21 internal / 22 external.

Please contact your local Farleygreene distributor for more information. Or call +44 (0) 1256 474 547. Watch the full product animation here.