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Centrifugal Sieving

Sievmaster Rota Range

A brand new range of Rotary Sieves coming soon…

What is the Sievmaster Rota Sieve?

Where high volume bulk check screening is required, the Rota Range provides a non-vibratory type of centrifugal sifting.

Rota sieves use a revolving paddle to push product against the mesh cylinder within, forcing fine product through and ejecting coarse product. Rotas are dust tight and can be fixed into place on the factory floor. The internal screen and sieving paddle components are fully removable without the need for any tools.

Dedicated lump breakers are available under the Rota Range designed with a longer auger and ‘teeth’ to deagglomerate compacted material or break down solid materials into a granular product.

Industries using the Sievmaster Rota Sieve

Food & Drink



Additive Manufacturing

Applications where Sievmaster Rota Sieve is used

The Rota Range gives accurate screening of very large quantities of material with continuous fine and coarse discharge. It can be used for processing a wide range of materials including those from the food and chemical industries.

The Rota uses centrifugal force to push compacted product through a mesh cylinder to obtain the correct particle size of confectionery pieces.

Chemical Powders
The Rota range works to break down compacted chemical product, using centrifugal force to further sieve it through a mesh cylinder.

The dedicated lump breakers in the Rota Range are ideal for breaking down large bulk quantities of compacted sugar granules.

As part of the Rota range we offer a dedicated lump breaker which uses a toothed auger to break down larger pieces of material into granulated product.

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