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Sievmaster Rota Range

The Sievmaster Rota Range uses a set of high-speed rotating paddles to direct fine product through a mesh cylinder. The FG Rota series is offered in 3 sizes (from smallest to largest): 90-C single basket, 180-C single basket and 360-C twin basket variants.

What is the Sievmaster Rota Sieve?

Where high volume bulk check screening is required, the Rota Range provides non-vibratory centrifugal sifting.

Rota sifters use a set of revolving paddles to push product outwards against the mesh cylinder, forcing fine product through and continuously ejecting coarse product via a separate outlet.

Rotas are dust tight and can be fixed into place within your process line.

The internal mesh screen assembly and sieving paddle components are fully removable without the need for any tools. The mesh can also be fully inspected across its full circumference and length whilst still in place inside the machine.

Features & Benefits

  • Quick release side door toggle clamps for quick inspection
  • Enhanced sealing profile on all doors
  • Standard units can be used for gravity system, vacuum to –0.4bar and pressure to +0.8bar with a small safety upgrade**
  • Available with stainless or nylon woven mesh, wedgewire mesh screens
  • Dust-tight design, non-vibratory
  • High volume bulk sieving for wet or dry applications
  • All stainless steel metal contact parts
  • For use under big bag or bulk container discharging systems within production lines
  • Can be used with any type of mechanical or pneumatic conveyor systems, with correct options
  • Deagglomeration of compacted material in one action
  • Dust and waterproof to min. IP65
  • Conforms to CE, UKCA, FDA, EC 1935/2004, ATEX, UKEX and ANIA regulations
  • Cantilever shaft design to provide easy access to mesh screen & minimal servicing
  • Tool-free disassembly & Quick-change screens
  • Easy-Clean, hygienic design

**if converting from gravity to -/+ pressure please contact us for your free upgrade kit.

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Industries using the Sievmaster Rota Sieve

Food & Drink



Additive Manufacturing

Applications where Sievmaster Rota Sieve is used

The Rota Range gives accurate screening of very large quantities of material with continuous fine and coarse discharge. It can be used for processing a wide range of materials including those from the food and chemical industries.

The Rota uses centrifugal force to push compacted product through a mesh cylinder to obtain the correct particle size of confectionery pieces.

Chemical Powders
The Rota range works to break down compacted chemical product, using centrifugal force to further sieve it through a mesh cylinder.

The dedicated lump breakers in the Rota Range are ideal for breaking down large bulk quantities of compacted sugar granules.

As part of the Rota range we offer a dedicated lump breaker which uses a toothed auger to break down larger pieces of material into granulated product.

Configurable product options

The Sievmaster Rota Range is available with a range of different options and finishes depending on each user’s requirements.

Deagglomeration of product (lump breaking)

infeed to provide deagglomeration of compacted material or breaking down of solid material.

Wedgewire mesh basket

comes with blue metal detectable flange gasket.

316 contact parts available

Inlet transition piece

available on all models.

Fines transition piece

available on all models.

Easy-Clean magnet assy to fines

magnet drawer.

Support frame

static or mobile (open section hygiene design).

Suitable for vacuum or pressure applications

Oversize collection barrel

10 or 20 litre.

Oversize outlet butterfly valve

for “no spill” oversize barrel change over.

Dressing of External Welds

Internal dull polish

to <0.8Ra

ViwateQ®/Sublimotion finish

ensures the surface of stainless steel is at an optimal condition.

Pharma Polish

highest grade polish to <0.25Ra internally and externally.


The table below displays the specs for the Sievmaster Rota Range of centrifugal sieves. For further specs and information, please get in touch to find out more.

SM R90-CSM R180-CSM R200-DISTSM R360-C
Approx. Max Throughput (with 2mm mesh and granulated sugar) 8,000 kg/h (17,600 Ibs/h)18,000 kg/h (40,000 lbs/h)Contact us for further information 27,500 kg/h (60,600 lbs/h)
Mesh basket assy 135mm dia x 535mm long (5.3” dia x 21.1” long)195mm dia x 790mm long (7.7” dia x 31.1” long)190mm dia x 530mm long (7.4” dia x 20.8” long)2 x 195mm dia x 790mm long (7.7” dia x 31.1” long)
Standard Motor1.1 kW (1.5 HP)2.2 kW (3.0 HP)3.0 kW (4.0 HP)2 x 2.2 kW
Approx. Weight105 kg (232 Ibs) 250 kg (551 Ibs)350 kg (772 Ibs)350 kg (772 Ibs)
Standard FinishFine Bead Blast <1.5Ra
Typical Noise Level<70dB (certificates available)
ATEX Rating (Internal & external)Upgrade to ATEX zone 21 II 2D internal / ATEX zone 22 II 3D external
Contact Parts304 Stainless Steel (1.4301)
Optional Certifications3.1 material, EAC, IECEx, UKEX and UL certificates.
Non-Contact Parts304 Stainless Steel (1.4301)
Country of DesignUnited Kingdom
Country of ManufactureUnited Kingdom

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