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Sievmaster Ultrasonic System

The Sievmaster Ultrasonic System applies high frequency, very low amplitude vibration to the mesh screen, helping to deblind and fluidise fine product so that it can be screened more easily.

What is the Sievmaster Ultrasonic System?

Known also as an “ultrasonic deblinding system”, this set of supplementary equipment is used to prevent mesh blockage and blinding to deliver efficient sifting of powders and accelerate throughput.

The ultrasonic system is designed to fit within most Sievmaster sieving machines. It uses a generator box connected to an externally mounted converter which applies ultrasonic vibrations to a waveguide and transmits them to a mesh screen.

It applies a continuously varying wave, known as ‘frequency variation’, rather than ‘single wave’ resonance frequency. This solves common problems such as heating and ‘hot spots’ that run the risk of causing premature mesh failure.

The Sievmaster Ultrasonic System is available with a variety of different options depending on each user’s requirements. Please get in contact with your local Farleygreene distributor or with us directly to find out more about specifications for the ultrasonic system.

Features & Benefits

  • ATEX 22 II 3D rating.
  • Improves and ensures consistent throughput rates and helps to reduce maintenance by keeping the mesh clear.
  • A hygienic design, all Ultrasonic components (other than the mesh ring) are outside the product flow.
  • The system uses frequency sweeping to minimise work hardening of mesh wires and better dissipate the build up of heat in the mesh, maximising the life span of the mesh.
  • Self tuning ultrasonics that find the resonance frequency of the system they are attached to, meaning no operator input is needed when switching between mesh rings, gaskets etc.
  • Can be connected to and controlled/monitored by an external control system via the integrated RS232 port and generator.

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Discover more about how our ultrasonic sieving products can help you. View the specification for this product here.


Industries using the Sievmaster Ultrasonic System

Food & Drink



Additive Manufacturing

Applications where Sievmaster Ultrasonic System is used

The Sievmaster ultrasonic system provides an effective screening solution for the deblinding of fine meshes used in the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.

Food & Drink Powders
The Ultrasonic System applies ultrasonic waves to a fine mesh ensuring that fatty, sticky, fine food powders, that would otherwise clog mesh, can flow freely.

Chemical Powders
The Ultrasonic System works by applying powerful ultrasonic waves to a fine mesh, ensuring that fine chemical materials that may otherwise clog mesh, are fluidised.

Pharmaceutical Powders
The Ultrasonic System applies powerful ultrasonic waves to a fine mesh screen, ensuring that very fine pharmaceutical powders can flow freely.

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