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Custom-Built Powder Processing Station for AM Machine Integration

27th April, 2021

A major multinational corporation specialising in additive manufacturing for aerospace, medical and automotive required a bespoke metal powder recycling station.

The customer approached Farleygreene, already aware of their Sievgen 04 (SG04) solution available on the market for customers within the additive manufacturing industries. They specifically required a bespoke unit to integrate seamlessly into their overall recycling solution, and following discussions around this, Farleygreene were more than willing to work with them on their desired outcome.

Initially, the customer conducted detailed tests on site with Farleygreene’s SG04 system and were impressed with the results. They wanted a simpler version more closely aligned with their current recycling solution and shortly released a user requirements specification.

Farleygreene responded to this with a design that met all of their requirements. This design was chosen amongst others to compete in final trials, and it was here that the Farleygreene quality and attention to detail stood out.

Quality, safety, and usability were all key features for this customer. As with all Farleygreene machinery, the unit was built with high quality components and underwent a rigorous quality check in adherence with their ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

The concern for user safety was also addressed with the implementation of a fully enclosed system, which not only protected the surrounding environment, but also safeguarded the powder from contamination. This was further reinforced with the addition of a magnet on the outlet of the sieve, helping to maintain the quality of the powder by preventing any potential magnetic contaminants from entering the build.

The customer wanted to use their own barrels to both deliver and receive powder, so it was imperative the ergonomics were addressed to ensure the system was stable and user-friendly when changing over the barrels. The final design allowed for the barrels to be self-aligning when lifted into place, creating safe and trouble-free connections that guaranteed a sealed system throughout the powder processing procedure.

Working alongside Farleygreene, the customer received both the system and the support to guarantee their own customer’s precise requirements, an extremely important consideration throughout the lifespan of this project. Farleygreene continue to work with this customer to supply and further develop this system as customer feedback requires.

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