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Sievgen 03

A fully mobile, enclosed, ultrasonic sieve that uses a single 350mm diameter mesh screen to process fine metal powders into flasks/barrels.

What is the Sievgen 03?

A non-automated, low volume or research friendly metal powder sieving system.

An unassuming but highly efficient sieve aimed at research establishments and lower volume additive manufacturing (AM) producers. At the core of SG03 is a design that simplifies sieving. A budget system that offers quick and easy powder processing, whereby the oversize is kept on the mesh – guaranteeing 100% single pass efficiency.

Manual operation is kept as straightforward as possible, with a flexible design that allows for easy breakdown of parts and cleaning between material and batch changes.

Features & Benefits

  • Mobile Solution – on wheels, easy to manoeuvre
  • Quick tool free disassembly – easy access to open frame design
  • Easy clean, crevice free design – tool free access to all consumable components
  • Optional deblinding systems: ultrasonic
  • Inerting capability – inlet/outlet bosses supplied

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Industries using the Sievgen 03 Sieve

Food & Drink



Additive Manufacturing

Applications where Sievgen 03 is used

Sievgen 03 is built to assist research establishments or factories processing smaller quantities of metal powders such as aluminium, titanium, scalmalloy, steel, and colbalt chrome.

Additive Powders
The SG03 is a highly flexible and time-efficient metal powder sieve, a smaller machine offering high throughput so there is no delay in processing even larger amounts of powder.

Configurable product options

Sievgen 03 is available with a variety of different options and finishes depending on each user’s requirements.

Mesh deblinding


Extra 1.5 litre barrels/containers available with manual butterfly valves

Internal Surface Polish

To <0.8Ra.


The table below displays the specs for the Sievgen 03. For further specs and information, please get in touch to find out more.


SG 03
Indicative Throughput
(product dependent)
PowderMesh Aperture (μm) Average Throughput (kg/hr)Peak Throughput (kg/hr)
316L (<63µm)63 10081920
Ti64 (25µm-45µm) 63295.21188
Screen Diameter350mm (13.8”) meshed gallery
Standard Motor0.165kW (0.22HP)
Approx. Weight100kg
Standard FinishSatin finish 0.95Ra
Typical Noise Level<70dB (certificates available)
ATEX Rating (Internal & external)ATEX approved. (Zone 22 II 3D). Fully earthed throughout.
Optional Certifications3.1 material certs
Contact Parts304 stainless steel – food quality
Non-Contact Parts304 stainless steel non-contact parts with bead blast finish. Gaskets and seals from silicone rubber, EPDM & Poly Urethane.
Country of DesignUnited Kingdom
Country of ManufactureUnited Kingdom

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